Sunday, 11 March 2012

First Head Study

My first attempt of Criss Angel's head study. I learned so much from this how to use the keys on my tablet LOL . I also used basic color theory my tutor taught me so the picture looks like a whole. The biggest reward of this study was my patience for painting, I actually didn't rush anything this time even though I drew the mouth in the wrong place at first and made the nose too long :P As soon as I become more familiar with the color theory, brushes in Photoshop and my tablet, I'll be able to create better artworks in the future.


  1. hi carol! I don't mind questions about digital stuff so feel free to ask whenever :D
    I'm not sure of a lot of stuff myself so I might be wrong about a lot of things too

    I think you already know what's wrong and right when you finish your study, the main thing was the brushes right? it might be your brush settings in general. Check your settings for opacity and flow (100% is the default), also check the brush preset settings <- these are my current settings for CS2 but I can't test them because photoshop lags too much.
    sorry for the long comment but I hope this helps! I think you are doing good so far and just need to get used to photoshop :D

  2. thanks annie! :D I'll check it out and I'll keep practicing